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Tubal Reversal baby from tulsa oklahoma

Tubal Reversal Baby (Superhero)  Braden

Here’s an amazing update from our tubal reversal patient Stacie Ridley, tubal reversal patient from Tulsa, Oklahoma!!

“Braden William Ridley just turned 3!!! We just can’t say thank you enough for giving us this little miracle!”

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Patient Announces Pregnancy During Rodeo Time!

Our favorite way to receive a pregnancy announcement is in person! Tubal Reversal patient, Annette Feliciano, from Orlando, FL, is happily 5 months pregnant after tubal reversal surgery. Click on the picture of Dr. Rosenfeld and the happy couple to read more about her experience with the tubal reversal process and the Rosenfeld team.
Tubal reversal patient visits Dr. Rosenfeld to announce pregnancy

Brody’s first Valentine

Tubal Reversal patient Alicia Broderick says:

Dr.Rosenfeld and all the staff were awesome. He answered all of out questions, and explained everything in detail. Him and his staff took very good care of me and made my husband feel comfortable with everything.


Everyone meet Brody Broderick born 11/18/13



Wendy’s Update! Happy Tubal Reversal Patient

Tubal Reversal Wendy Smith Miller 1Here’s a great update from one of our tubal reversal patients.

She has an adorable tubal reversal baby! Wendy had her tubal reversal 12 years after her tubal ligation. It only required 2 months for her to become pregnant. And now (in 2013), she has a 2 year old little girl.

Read Wendy’s tubal reversal testimonial in her own words!

Wendy Smith Miller

Tubal Reversal Patient: Wendy Smith Miller

Location: Mineola, Texas

Patient Gives Birth at 41 After a Tubal Reversal

New testimonial from one of our patients from Pearland, Texas, who got her tubal reversal at 40. A age 41, she delivered her baby boy!!! 

tubal reversal baby announcement from patricia acevedo

Congratulations! See more patient testimonials.

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