Tubal Reversal Baby

Tubal Reversal Throwback Thursday! Here’s a Great Testimonial From Texas That We Love

I had my tubal ligation back in 1998. Thankfully, Dr. Rosenfeld was able to perform my Tubal Reversal surgery in August of 2010. We were pregnant by October of 2010 (JUST TWO MONTHS LATER) and now (in 2013) I have a beautiful 2 year old tubal reversal baby! I can not thank you guys enough!!

Tubal Reversal Patient: Wendy Smith Miller

Location: Mineola, Texas

Tubal Reversal Cost And Financing

New Affordable Tubal Reversal Price!

If you are looking to have a tubal reversal surgery by one of the best tubal reversal surgeons in the country?

Then you have found the right place!

Dr. Bernard L. Rosenfeld is the most experienced tubal reversal surgeon of the entire country. With well over 30 years of experience performing this life changing surgery, giving women once again the chance to expand their family after a tubal ligation.

You can always rest assured that you are in great hands; Dr Rosenfeld does not believe in rushing through surgeries or performing more than one daily because he treats each case so carefully. By the time, you make your first payment towards the tubal reversal surgery. You will be reassured that your case and medical records from your tubal ligation have been thoroughly reviewed by our dedicated tubal reversal nurses and Dr Rosenfeld. To ensure you are a great candidate for a tubal reversal surgery. Dr. Rosenfeld will be completely honest with you and after reviewing your entire medical history, he will notify you if you have a better chance with IVF.

All-inclusive price of the surgery is now only $6,750. Now what that means is that you will not spend a single dollar extra for the tubal reversal surgery. In this price is included the doctor’s fee, hospital fee, bloodwork, and take-home medications.

The official breakdown is as follows:

Hospital Fee: $2,775

Doctor Rosenfeld’s Fee: $2,725

Exparel Pain Management Shot: $400

Assistant Surgeon Fee: $650

Medications: $200

We do have multiple payment methods available for the patients including online payments through PayPal and financing options through CareCredit.

Tubal Reversal Success from 1996!!!

Tubal Reversal Success 1996

Carrey Bonner’s tubal reversal success from 1996

Carrey Bonner has been a long time patient here at our office and today she came in with a very special person.

She had the Tubal Reversal Surgery in 1996 here with Doctor Rosenfeld and was able to successfully conceive a beautiful baby girl.

Here’s what Carrey has to say about her experience here with our office…

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Tubal Reversal Testimonial

Tubal Reversal Cost and Financing

Affordable Tubal Reversal Price

For many of you that are searching the web currently to get more information on the life-changing Tubal Reversal Surgery be aware that some of the advertising that is being done by other doctors could be misleading. If a physician advertises for a lower cost feel free to ask as many questions as you can to make sure that they won’t have any hidden fees after surgery. Just because they advertise for a lower tubal reversal cost doesn’t mean that is all you’re going to pay, the number, you are seeing, could possibly just be the doctors fee without the hospital costs.

All-Inclusive Pricing No Hidden Fees!

Dr. Rosenfeld prides himself in knowing that he is completely honest and truthful when he says he is giving you the absolute best chance of trying to become pregnant once again after your Tubal Reversal Surgery. Our ALL-INCLUSIVE price is just that, it includes absolutely everything you are going to spend for the Tubal Reversal Surgery and you won’t receive any surprise bills after surgery for anything the hospital fee is already included in that price.

Tubal Reversal Loan With CareCredit

Now don’t get discouraged if you think you can’t afford the Tubal Reversal Surgery, we have many sorts of payment plans that could work for you. If you are looking for an alternate way of paying for the Tubal Reversal Surgery there is one option you could try. There is a company called CareCredit. Here you can apply for a medical loan that can fund your surgery and then after the surgery you can just continue making payments towards the loan. Just like a regular credit card would work. The surprising thing about CareCredit is that as soon as you apply online it immediately gives you a response to your loan inquiry so you will know if you were approved or not on the spot. Another great feature about CareCredit is that if you don’t think you will qualify it’s OK, anyone can apply for you and let you use their CareCredit account to pay for the surgery they will just need to sign a consent granting you permission to do so.

Tubal Reversal PayPal Payments

We also provide secure payments through Paypal if you are interested in making payment in that manner. You can always go to our website and pay the amounts that are pre-selected or if you would like to pay any different amount through PayPal you would just have to let us know and we can send you a customized PayPal Invoice with any amount you choose.

Tubal Reversal Loan with CareCredit

Tubal Reversal Success! From: Rebekah Lee

We have just received great news from one of our Tubal Reversal patients!

I’m over joyed to share with the office that I have received a positive pregnancy test yesterday. Took another one today and still positive. I’m super excited and so happy. I had my tubal reversal done in March 19th, 2014 and been trying about 7 months. I was getting so discouraged then this happen. Best Christmas gift ever! I just want to say thank you Doctor Rosenfeld and Staff for all of your care and being apart of this miracle. I give God all the glory.

-Rebekah Lee

How to get started with Tubal Reversal process

If you are ready to get started with the tubal reversal process or even if you just want some information then let’s go ahead and get you registered.

Go ahead and click here and fill out the quick registration and we can get your process started by requesting the operative report of your tubal ligation.

You can also visit our website and read more information regarding the tubal reversal surgery and you can also read our amazing tubal reversal testimonials.

Cholesterol Levels Affect The Ability To Conceive

Tubal Reversal

Maintaining a healthy level of cholesterol has many health benefit.

Based on a study done in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism serum free cholesterol concentrations in both men and women have an impact on the time it takes to conceive. 501 couples trying to get pregnant that were NOT being treated for infertility were monitored until they conceived or up to 1 year. Researchers found that serum free cholesterol levels were higher on average among male and female couples who did not become pregnant.

In addition to safeguarding their health, our results suggest that couples wishing to achieve pregnancy could improve their chances by first ensuring that their cholesterol levels are in an acceptable range. – Enrique F. Schisterman, Ph.D.

Maintaining a healthy level of cholesterol has many more health benefits than just allowing couples to easily conceive and make their dreams of once again being able to have another baby after their Tubal Ligation Reversal.

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