Tubal Reversal Success 1996

Tubal Reversal Success from 1996!!!

Carrey Bonner has been a long time patient here at our office and today she came in with a very special person.

She had the Tubal Reversal Surgery in 1996 here with Doctor Rosenfeld and was able to successfully conceive a beautiful baby girl.

Here’s what Carrey has to say about her experience here with our office…

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Tubal Reversal Testimonial

Tubal Reversal Cost and Financing

Affordable Tubal Reversal Price

For many of you that are searching the web currently to get more information on the life changing Tubal Reversal Surgery be aware that some of the advertising that is being done by other doctors could be misleading. if a doctor advertises for a lower cost feel free to ask as many question as you can to make sure that there wont be any hidden fees after surgery. Just because they advertise for a lower tubal reversal cost doesn’t mean that is all you’re going to pay, the number you are seeing could possibly just be the doctors fee without the hospital costs.

All-Inclusive Pricing No Hidden Fees!

Dr. Rosenfeld prides himself in knowing that he is being completely honest and truthful when he says he is giving you the absolute best chance in trying to become pregnant once again after your Tubal Reversal Surgery. Our ALL-INCLUSIVE price is just that, it includes absolutely everything you are going to spend for the Tubal Reversal Surgery and you wont receive any surprise bills after surgery for anything the hospital fee is already included in that price.

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Tubal Reversal Success! From: Rebekah Lee

We have just received great news from one of our Tubal Reversal patients!

I’m over joyed to share with the office that I have received a positive pregnancy test yesterday. Took another one today and still positive. I’m super excited and so happy. I had my tubal reversal done in March 19th, 2014 and been trying about 7 months. I was getting so discouraged then this happen. Best Christmas gift ever! I just want to say thank you Doctor Rosenfeld and Staff for all of your care and being apart of this miracle. I give God all the glory.

-Rebekah Lee

How to get started with Tubal Reversal process

If you are ready to get started with the tubal reversal process or even if you just want some information then let’s go ahead and get you registered.

Go ahead and click here and fill out the quick registration and we can get your process started by requesting the operative report of your tubal ligation.

You can also visit our website and read more information regarding the tubal reversal surgery and you can also read our amazing tubal reversal testimonials.

Tubal Reversal

40 Years Old and Pregnant Again!

Congratulations to Monica Moreno for having a Tubal Reversal surgery and at the age of 40 she is pregnant for a second time!

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