Understanding Cost of Tubal Reversal

It cImagean be difficult to understand how the cost of tubal reversal is often advertised in largely varying prices. What is important to know is “special advertised pricing” may not reflect all associated costs. This type of advertising often does not include the physician’s surgical fees or elevated costs associated with those patients over a certain weight or require additional medical attention beyond the scope of a standard tubal reversal. Unfortunately, often the true cost of the surgery is revealed only after valuable time is spent in office visits and patient consultations. We understand that a woman’s life is a hectic one. We simplify such an important decision by providing all information upfront – costs, expectations, and probable outcome.

All-Inclusive Tubal Reversal Fee

Dr. Rosenfeld’s office offers an all-inclusive procedure for one low cost of $6400. This all-inclusive fee includes all aspects of the entire tubal reversal process including office visits, labs, surgery, surgical center, and post-operative care. It also includes any other procedure needed to maximize your chance of pregnancy such removal of fibroids or ovarian cysts.

The scope of tubal reversal services you can expect with Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld includes:

  • Full physical exam
  • All lab work
  • Pelvic ultrasound – which can pick up other problems such as small fibroids or abnormal ovarian cysts that may interfere with fertility or cause other gynecological problems like heavy bleeding with periods
  • Anesthesia
  • All surgical center expenses – operating and recovery rooms
  • Hysteroscopy during the surgery to evaluate the endometrial cavity to identify and remove abnormalities such as polyps, small fibroids or cysts that might interfere with conception
  • Important dye testing during surgery to ensure tubes are fully open
  • The On-Q PainBuster pain pump for pain relief after surgery (optional) – note if the pain pump is not used, it reduces the fee by $400
  • All postoperative care and follow-up until conception, including monthly consultation with our nurse practitioner and/or Dr. Rosenfeld.

If you have more questions, please visit our tubal reversal cost page. Or simply call us at 866 790 0095 to speak to one of our nurses with more than 20 years of tubal reversal experience. Se habla español.

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