Know The Benefits

People who’ve known about tubal reversal surgery are aware of the benefits it offers women by increasing their chances of pregnancy. This effective technique never involves any unnatural methods and so a woman can conceive within a few months after surgery. The surgical procedures of tubal reversal are quite same as that of other methods and so the person who has undergone the treatment returns back to normal state within a very short time. The procedure of untying tubes in women to increase their chances of getting pregnant is what is termed tubal reversal. Since the procedure is performed by experienced physicians, this can provide excellent results.

Knowing the benefits of tubal reversal surgery can help you understand more about this effective surgical procedure.

Increased chances of pregnancy: When compared to IVF treatment, tubal reversal surgery increases the chances for conceiving completely in a natural way. Unlike other modes of procedures, no severe treatment methods are needed for treating blocked tubes by tubal reversal procedure.

Cost-Effective Option: Tubal reversal surgery is less expensive when compared to other treatment procedures. Since this effective technique is performed by experienced ObGyn surgeons, women get a quality fertility treatment at affordable cost.

No proved side effects: Tubal reversal surgery is risk free and involves natural ways of treatment and so provides a healthy living to the patients after surgery. Women get conceived naturally through sexual intercourse and so get a sense of happiness and well-being in their living.

Highest success rate: It has been proved that almost 80% of reversal surgeries made showed successful pregnancies. Physicians review the medical records of the patients and select candidates for reversal surgeries based on their health status.

It’s greatly important to choose doctors who possess enough experience in performing reversal so that you get complete care and right treatment during the whole surgery. Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld, renowned tubal reversal specialist of Houston, has been providing advanced surgery procedure to couples internationally with excellent positive results. With wide experience, he provides fine quality treatment to women in and around Texas area!

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