Pregnancy After Tubal Reversal

Pregnancy should be a pleasant time for you, but many changes will occur.

Dr. Rosenfeld is committed to making Tubal Reversal and pregnancy a safe and memorable experience for you. He is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and has years of experience delivering babies. He has a Ph.D. in Psychology and is understanding and ready to listen. It is his desire to provide quality care and to meet your needs. Our staff consists of a caring, and qualified team. We are available to answer any of your questions or concerns. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with health care.

Appointments may be made by calling the office directly 713-790-0099. Dr. Rosenfeld’s routine office appointment schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. During your pregnancy some of your appointments may be made with a nurse. The nurse will check your weight, blood pressure, pulse, and measure the baby’s growth. These appointments are at less busy times on Tuesday and Thursday, and provide ample time for your questions. We try to see all patients on time, and request that you extend the same courtesy to others. If you cannot keep an appointment notify us immediately. Please try to give us 24 hour notice so that this time may be given to another patient.

Dr. Rosenfeld is not in the office his nurses will be happy to help you and can reach him when necessary For Emergencies please call this same number. The operator will have someone return your call. Please keep late hour calls to only True Emergencies. All prescriptions and pharmacy renewals should be requested during routine office hours. Before you call, please have available your pharmacy phone number, and the correct prescription name. Dr. Rosenfeld’s secretaries are prepared to assist you with insurance claim questions. If you have a coverage question they will work with you to find the answer. We will file all claims with your designated carrier. If your carrier requires you to use a particular laboratory, or get authorization for treatment, we will be glad to assist you with this. Please use your office visit as a time to understand your pregnancy. There is no such thing as stupid question!

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