Significance of Tubal Reversal

Since becoming a part of Dr. Rosenfeld’s team, I’ve learned that it’s more frequent than expected that women receive tubal ligation in their 20’s and later regret the decision. Tubal reversal makes it possible to undo that life changing decision simply by untying the Fallopian tubes and increasing the chances of getting pregnant. Whatever modifications were made during tubal ligation is completely overturned by the process

of reversal and the reproductive organs of women, who underwent treatment returns back to its normal functioning. Fallopian tubes are cut to a certain extent during ligation method in order to prevent pregnancy. This makes the tubes unhealthy and results in the development of scar tissue. Reversal surgery is all about reconnecting the tubes for improving pregnancy chances by removing the scar tissue. Since the technique is highly sensitive, it’s performed by expert surgeons. ObGyn surgeons, by the name they’re called, perform tubal reversal surgery in an effective way with utmost care. Reversal surgery is highly preferred by women, when compared to IVF treatment because of its high success rate.

Another reason for the increasing popularity of tubal reversal method is that it is pain free and the whole treatment cost is easily affordable by all range of people. The increased success rate of tubal reversal surgery has made most people choose this technique for becoming pregnant. Once after the surgery is performed, the patient can become pregnant within a few months depending upon the person’s reproductive health. If the reproductive health of the woman, who underwent tubal reversal surgery, is good enough, the likelihood of becoming pregnant naturally increases. This surgical technique is in fact the natural way for a safe and effective pregnancy.

Since tubal reversal surgery is considered to be one of the most challenging surgical procedures, it’s highly necessary to choose doctors with wide experience and great skill. Renowned tubal reversal specialist of Houston, Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld, provides advanced reversal procedures to women with ultra-fine sutures, advanced PainBuster and other advanced techniques. This expert surgeon performs tubal reversals with very best success rate and minimized pain for people in and across Texas area at low all-inclusive price ($6400).

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