Useful TR: Tubal Reversal Surgery Facts

By Houston Tubal Reversal Specialist Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld,  MD

Tubal reversal surgery is considered to be a major surgical procedure because of the risky process of reconnecting the fallopian tubes in women’s body. Women do tubal ligation, a minor surgical process in which fallopian tubes are either tied or cut, so that the egg in the woman’s body may not travel through the tube to get pregnant. Some women desire pregnancy a few years after performing ligation. This is made possible with the effective technique of tubal reversal. Unlike tubal ligation, which is performed in a simple way, reversal requires a bigger cut in the abdomen and so sometimes takes some weeks for the patient to get back to normal state.

Knowing the risks and expected side effects of tubal reversal will help you acquire more knowledge about the surgical procedure of untying tubes. It’s possible to achieve higher success rates in pregnancies once after the operated tubes heal without any scarring. But it’s important that the person undergoing treatment should possess good reproductive health. Certain factors like age limit, length of tubes and sperm count are considered before suggesting tubal ligation reversal surgery. Even though tubal reversal is said to be risk free, the above factors determine the range of risks and side effects after the completion of surgical procedure.

Why age is considered as an important factor: the fertility of a woman decreases after 38 years, and so the chances for successful pregnancy after reversal will be low. Women, who’re considering the procedure for their future, should have enough information about whether their health condition is suitable for reversal treatment. Choose the very best surgeon to do this effective reversal technique by carefully evaluating his years of experience, success rates and skills.

Dr. Bernard Rosenfeld, the most experienced and skilled tubal reversal specialist of Houston, has been performing tubal reversal surgeries with THE HIGHEST SUCCESSFUL rate of above 80%. Along with offering a pain free tubal reversal surgery to women in and around the Texas area with the On-Q Pain Buster, he guides people with the right treatment based on their various medical conditions.

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