Woohoo!! NEW Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Announcement

L.B. – Houston, Texas

“I came to Dr. Rosenfeld after doing research on the Internet & found all the amazing things others had to say about Dr. Rosenfeld and his remarkable staff. After meeting with Dr. Rosenfeld, he was very honest and he let me know that my chances were small, but without my tubal reversal surgery my chances were ZERO. I’m 40 years old and had my tubes tied in 2000. I had my reversal August 5, 2012 and found out on December 6, 2012 that I was 6 weeks pregnant!! I’m SO grateful I made the decision to have the surgery with Dr. Rosenfeld. I will keep you all posted!”

6 thoughts on “Woohoo!! NEW Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Announcement

  1. how much is the procedure??


    • We have had excellent success with women who have had their tubes clipped, burnt, and tied. Many times, that is just a standard procedure. If we could get a copy of your operative note, I can give you a more exact answer. The reversal is much more successful in general than the IVF, particularly the way we perform it, but it would be very good if I can get a copy of your operative note and I will tell you completely honestly which procedure would be best for you. The reversal is $6400 compared to usually $12,000 to $15,000 for the IVF and in general, it definitely has a higher success rate.


      • Im sorry its a little over my budget I was looking more around $5000, I really want to get this done but I cant afford the whole amount well thank you for your time….


  2. I am planning on making my appointment next month but I’m scared that this is not real i can never get a call back from the office and I’m losing hope 😢


  3. Natasha Birdsong

    Reading these comments gives me hope. I do have children but I would love one more. My tubes were tied in 2005, but I ended up pregnant in 2010. I lost my twins. I was depressed. The military told me that I wouldn’t be able deployed to Afghanistan with my soldiers unless I get them retied. So….I did. Now..even back then, I felt that I made the biggest mistake in my life. Im 38 now and I want a TR and have a baby. So I’m going to save up to see Dr. Rosenfeld. Keeping my fingers cross.


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