Remarried? Tubal Ligation Reversal Pregnancy Option!

Many women, once married with two or more children choose to have a tubal ligation (tubes tied) because they do not want to have more children.  Fast forward a few years, and we sometimes see these women now remarried a second time to the true “love of their life,” wanting to take the next natural step and conceive a child together.

Tubal Ligation Reversal Makes Pregnancy Possible

It’s entirely possible to achieve this dream for you and for your husband. Tubal reversal surgery performed by one of the most experienced tubal reversal surgeons, Dr. Bernard Rosenfeldoffers you your highest chance of success to conceive a baby naturally! Plus, it is much less expensive than in vitro fertilization.

Favorite Tubal Reversal Stories from Happy Moms and Dads


“Dr. Rosenfeld performed my tubal ligation reversal May 11, 2009 after being “fixed” for 11 years. With this procedure my husband was able to finally experience the miracle of bringing a baby into this world because within 3 months we were pregnant! Even though my husband  has always been an excellent father to my children, I am so blessed to be able to share this experience with him and to have given him the opportunity to have a child of his own. What a blessing she is and we are SO grateful to Dr. Rosenfeld and all of his staff for making it possible!”

Brandie – Vidor, TX

“It’s twins! My experience at Dr. Rosenfeld’s office was more of a joy than I ever imagined. After already having two kids and a tubal ligation I was set on not having additional kids, but later I got married and my husband did not have any children. Knowing I had gotten my tubes tied was scary because I didn’t know if they were repairable or how much had been cut off.  Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were so caring and optimistic. They performed a couple of easy tests and decided I would be candidate for tubal reversal. Dr. Rosenfeld explained the outpatient procedure in great detail and it was a simple, semi-painless process! The follow-up care was fantastic and in less than 3 months I was pregnant!!!! Now we have 5 month old fraternal twins. Thanks!”

Shemise  – Houston, TX

“Katelyn is my husband’s very first biological child.  John is so happy to finally have his dream of 20 years come true. We greatly appreciate all that you did. Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld and staff. Without your help, we could not have had our precious baby girl. Thank you all.”

Susan & John – Harker Heights, TX

“My husband tragically lost his first wife and son and though I had my tubes tied six years ago, I wanted grow our family together. I traveled to see Dr. Rosenfeld because after all I had read and heard, I really believed in him. Only weeks after my tubal reversal surgery, my husband and I shared joyful tears…we were pregnant! Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld.”

Bethany – San Antonio, TX

“I had been awaiting for this moment for the longest time, not ever really knowing if it would come. And yet, here I am. My name’s Anita and I had my tubal ligation on Oct 1998. After my divorce I re-met an old high school acquaintance fourteen years later! My tubal reversal came along on June 2009 by Dr. Rosenfeld, the on Q pain pump made a huge difference with pain. Four months exactly we conceived! We had our glorious little baby girl Feby Lyn on July 6 of 2010. Dr. Rosenfeld has made our dream/wish/miracle happen. It is because of his amazing potential and dedication to his work that we get to savor the flavor of such enchanting wonders. The road to my need of becoming a mother once again has been fulfilled. The necessity for experiencing the role of being a father figure for my husband has finally happened and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts Dr. Rosenfeld. No words, no money, no emotion or action would ever permit our gratitude to glow to its fullest to validate how grateful we will always be. Our daughter has reopened our eyes to the beauty that is humanity in it’s simplicity. We searched for a GOOD doctor with the capability of proving his work and I have to say . . . we are left pretty amazed cause we found a GREAT doctor, Dr. Rosenfeld more than fulfilled those shoes. Thank you… always”

Anita – Austin, TX

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Is Tubal Reversal Right for You?

Thinking about tubal ligation reversal and if it is right for you?  Why wait when you can speak to Dr. Rosenfeld yourself on the telephone and see if you are a candidate for this procedure- you will be happy to hear he has over 80% success rate! Dr. Rosenfeld can answer all your tubal reversal questions on the telephone.

One thought on “Remarried? Tubal Ligation Reversal Pregnancy Option!

  1. Dr ROSENFELD And HisTeam ArE The Best. I Had My Surgery May 2012 AND Found Out In November I Was Pregnant. My Son Was Born August 18,2013 A Healthy 8Lbs 1Oz. Thank You Dr ROSENFELD For Helping Me Achieve This Blessing.


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