Tubal Reversal Success from 1996!!!

Tubal Reversal Success 1996

Carrey Bonner’s tubal reversal success from 1996

Carrey Bonner has been a long time patient here at our office and today she came in with a very special person.

She had the Tubal Reversal Surgery in 1996 here with Doctor Rosenfeld and was able to successfully conceive a beautiful baby girl.

Here’s what Carrey has to say about her experience here with our office…

I had my tubes reversed in 1996 the reversal was very successful and today my daughter is 17 years old. I am probably the luckiest person in the world. My daughter is very special to me and I’m so glad I came here and Dr. Rosenfeld gave me the opportunity to have her. I’ve been coming to this doctor for years and I love everyone here.

Thank you all for taking such good care of me over the years. My daughter, thank you all for giving her a chance to be here.

Carrey Bonner

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