New Affordable Tubal Reversal Price!

If you are looking to have a tubal reversal surgery by one of the best tubal reversal surgeons in the country?

Then you have found the right place!

Dr. Bernard L. Rosenfeld is the most experienced tubal reversal surgeon of the entire country. With well over 30 years of experience performing this life-changing surgery, he gives women and their families the chance to expand their family if they have changed their minds after a tubal ligation.

You are in great hands. Dr Rosenfeld does not believe in rushing through surgeries. He treats each patient carefully. After you register, Dr. R and his staff ensure your medical records from your tubal ligation have been thoroughly reviewed. This helps them offer you information about why or why not you are a good candidate for a tubal reversal surgery. Dr. Rosenfeld will be completely honest with you and after reviewing your entire medical history, he will notify you if you have a better chance with IVF.

All-inclusive price of the tubal reversal surgery is now only $6,750. You will not spend a single dollar extra for your tubal reversal surgery. This price includes the office visits, doctor’s fee, hospital fee, blood work, and take-home medications as well as post-operative support until you become pregnant.

The official breakdown is as follows:

Hospital Fee: $2,775

Doctor Rosenfeld’s Fee: $2,725

Exparel Pain Management Shot: $400

Assistant Surgeon Fee: $650

Medications: $200

We do have multiple payment methods available for the patients including online payments through PayPal and financing options through CareCredit.

4 thoughts on “New Affordable Tubal Reversal Price!

  1. I am 24 years old and I wanted to get my tubal ligation reversed but I just don’t have the money to do it. The only reason I got a tubal is because my mama,grandma and the father of my children made me. Now that I met someone else we want to have kids but I can’t have any and we are fixing to get married and I don’t know what to tell him.


  2. hello I an very interested in having a tubal reversal and I am wanting to know what is the whole process of having it done.


    • Hi Monica,

      Thank you for inquiring about the tubal ligation reversal surgery. The cost of the surgery is an all-inclusive price of $6,750, which means you don’t pay anything extra and don’t expect to pay any hidden fees. The price includes all visits, blood work, ultrasound, medications, anesthesiologist, and hospital fee. And, we make it as easy as possible for the patients to make payments. Once approved you pay $1000 in the beginning to schedule surgery, and the rest will be paid in payments up until three weeks before surgery.

      There is also other alternative ways to pay for surgery using CareCredit that is like getting a credit card to pay for surgery, also more recently we have added PayPal invoicing and payments. You can find all of this information and great testimonials from all of our reversal patients on our website.

      We would be more than happy to assist you in getting started with us just give us a call directly to (713)790-0099 to speak to one of our dedicated nurses. Alternatively, if you would like to start the process online, you can also go to our website and follow these easy steps.

      1. Go to and get registered

      2. A nurse in our office will contact you as soon as we receive your information to ask you a few questions about your medical history.

      3. We will also ask you if It’s OK to request your operative report from the hospital where you had your tubal ligation done.

      Once we have all of this information together doctor Rosenfeld, will determine if you are a good candidate for the tubal reversal surgery. We will be completely honest with you, and he will let you know if you have a better chance with IVF. Please follow this link and let’s get you started on your tubal reversal process.

      If you have any more questions, please feel free to give us a call to our office (713)790-0099.


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